Types of cremation

From cremations that include a traditional church service to the less formal direct
or unattended cremation – the choice is yours.

Should you be uncertain about what option is right for you or your loved one, below is a brief
outline of the types of funerals available and what they typically involve.

For more information or to discuss any specific requirements, please get in touch, and one of our experienced team will be more than happy to help you decide.

Traditional Cremation
With a traditional cremation, the family follows the hearse to the crematorium for a service. The service is conducted by a minister or celebrant and typically lasts about 45 minutes. At the committal, the coffin is lowered or a curtain is drawn to signify the end of the service.

Church Service followed by Cremation
This type of funeral is where family and friends hold a church service at their local parish church, with hymns and prayers, before following the hearse to the crematorium. At the crematorium there is usually a short committal service.

Cremation followed by a Memorial Church Service
This is a private cremation for close family and friends, it is followed by a memorial service at a local parish church where other family and friends of the deceased can attend.

Direct Cremation
With a direct cremation, family and friends of the deceased meet at the crematorium for a short service (usually 30 minutes long). The service is delivered by a celebrant or minister and often features music and/or hymns.

Unattended Cremation*
An unattended cremation is a simple cremation without a funeral service, usually with no mourners in attendance.

*Please note: At Arthur E. Davey, we approach all funerals with the utmost respect for the deceased. Our unattended cremation service includes transportation to the crematorium in a hearse, accompanied by a funeral director and pallbearers.

We believe everyone deserves a dignified farewell.

"Whatever you decide is right for you or your loved one, we’ll make sure the funeral is everything you want, from start to finish.”